2020 NTEU Legislative Issues

Priority Issues

NTEU’s legislative agenda was established during a meeting in Washington, D.C., of the Legislative Advisory Committee. This group of NTEU members from various federal agencies and NTEU chapters spent hours reviewing the legislative landscape for federal employees and then recommended four priority issues to National President Tony Reardon.

Protecting Federal Workers’ Collective Bargaining Rights and Union Rights

  • Preserve the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 which codified the right of federal employees to form labor unions and engage in collective bargaining. Federal employee due process and collective bargaining rights ensure safe, transparent and fair agency workplaces that prevent a politicized civil service and safeguard whistleblower protections.
  • Preserve and improve innovative workplace initiatives developed under collective bargaining such as alternative work schedules (AWS) and telework

Improving Federal Employee Pay

  • Provide competitive pay to federal workers so our federal government can continue to recruit and retain the most talented workforce.
  • Provide hardworking federal employees a pay raise that is comparable to private sector raises and that reflects the healthy national job market.
  • Stop the attacks on the federal workforce. Federal employees contributed approximately$200 billion over a 10-year period toward deficit reduction through pay freezes and furlough days,below-market pay adjustments and retirement contribution increases.

Preserving and Modernizing Employee Benefits and Retirement

  • Protect federal employee retirement benefits. All employees deserve a secure retirement. Federal employees earn modest retirement benefits (approximately$1,100 per month),but those benefits have been under attack.
  • Expand employee benefits to include programs such as paid family leave.

Supporting Adequate Federal Agency Funding

  • Provide sufficient funding to ensure agencies can meet their missions and perform the essential work they do for the American public.
  • Stop government shutdowns and stop using agency funding as a political bargaining chip. Government shutdowns, hiring freezes and additional proposals to reduce the work force significantly undermine the ability of agencies to perform their basic functions and harm the public,which relies on agency programs and services.​