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The new member benefit exclusively for NTEU members is here. Through a unique partnership, NTEU members have free access to TaxSlayer tax preparation software. The software includes federal and state tax returns, including schedules. It has built-in assistance to answer your questions and is cloud-based so there is no software to download and you can access it from multiple devices. There is also a Spanish language version available.
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We hope that everyone is being safe. In order to get information out to our members as quickly as possible, we are sending out a weekly newsletter to your home emails. If you are not receiving them, please send an email to union@nteu-97,org and ask to be added to the list.
The newsletters will also be added to the link above, NTEU 97 Newsletters.

Links for Coronavirus Information

Center for Disease Control

NTEU Information on the Coronvirus

Take Action!

Tell your Representative to vote yes on items that affect you as federal employees and more importantly as IRS employees. Visit NTEU.org and click on the Action Center.
There are prepared letters you can use or write your own.
Make sure you choose Chapter 97 when doing your letters.

We ask that you look for the issues involving IRS since those affect us but you can do all the letters you want.

And don’t stop with one letter. Issues change often, so visit the Action Center at least once a month. It’s okay to send the same letter too.

And send often. And as a bonus, Chapter 97 does a drawing every month for prizes for everyone who sends a letter to our representatives.

Take a screen shot or send the thank you email to sendaletter@nteu-97.org for every letter you send to get in the drawing.

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Labor Recognition Week

We have a really busy week coming up, it's Labor Recognition Week! We will be visiting Accounts Management, Compliance, Files, and Butler. 

Here is what you need to know coming into this week. 
#1. If you cannot join us because you are teleworking, YOU CAN STILL PARTICIPATE IN LABOR RECOGNITION ACTIVITIES (to be eligible for your 1 hour administrative leave) by participating in our Letter Writing Contest. Please click on link to see the flyer and for more details. 

#2. If you are participating in person, we ask that you be mindful that everyone chooses to come at the start of the event. This is not recommended this year as we need to keep social distancing in mind. We are only letting 4 members come in at a time. Don't waste your hour standing in line although we anticipate being able to get our members through the line pretty quickly! 

#3. We ask that all members wear an NTEU T-shirt this week, especially on the day their campus is celebrating Labor Recognition.  Click on link for details. 

#4. We will be passing out a package to you which will include information on the Letter Writing Contest, Hatch Act - for those of you who do not know what that is, click on the link. 

Please be mindful that violating Hatch Act can lead to severe disciplinary action including removal. We will also be providing information on Name, Address and Email updates, this also qualifies as participating in Labor Recognition activities- for teleworking employees.  
What is Campus Support?
After the Submission Processing (SP) consolidation, mail will still be received in Fresno. The Campus Support function will process all receipts, correspondence, and remittances once Fresno SP consolidates.It is estimated that Fresno’s mail receipts will decrease by approximately 70% or more after consolidation.
The Campus Support function will assume all residual mail processing functions after the SP consolidation and be responsible for processing all incoming and outgoing mail.
Campus Support will report to the Site Coordinator in Accounts Management.
The stand-up date for Campus Support will be August 2, 2021.  Training will begin on July 19, 2021.  This date is subject to change based on building occupancy availability.
All Campus Support positions will be located in the Northpointe Building, 3211 S Northpointe Dr, Fresno, CA. 
Since Campus Support will not stand up until August 2, 2021, selected employees will not actually be placed in the position until after the final VERA/VSIP open window is completed (April 2021 or shortly after). The employees who are selected will have a firm job offer with the understanding that the action (either a lateral move or a promotion to a higher grade) would not be effective until April 2021 or shortly after.  Campus Support training begins on July 19, 2021.
If you need help visit the Career Opportunity & Resource Engagement (CORE) room or contact wispemployeefocus@irs.gov Here are the jobs for Campus Support- These are only open to internal/impacted employees.
Opened: 9/15/20                             Closes: 10/13/20
Program Manager *MSP*
Announcement 20OGD-WIM0686-0340-02 
Supervisory Financial Clerk *MSP*
Announcement 20OGD-WIM0706-0503-11
Mail and File Supervisor *MSP*
Announcement 20OGD-WIM0701-0305-11
Mail and File Supervisor *MSP**Seasonal*
Announcement 20OGD-WIM0705-0305-11
Management and Program Assistant (Office Automation)
Announcement 20OGD-WIN0691-0344-06
Lead Mail/File Clerk
Announcement 20OGD-WIB0693-0305-05
Lead Mail/File Clerk *Seasonal*
Announcement 20OGD-WIB0695-0305-05
Lead Remittance Perfection Clerk
Announcement 20OGD-WIB0702-0503-05
Remittance Perfection Technician *Seasonal*
Announcement 20OGD-WIB0694-0503-05
Remittance Perfection Technician
Announcement 20OGD-WIB0692-0503-05
Mail Clerk Announcement (Mail Classifier)
Announcement 20OGD-WIB0687-0305-04
Mail Clerk *Seasonal* (Mail Classifier)
Announcement 20OGD-WIB0690-0305-04
Remittance Perfection Clerk
Announcement 20OGD-WIB0703-0503-04
Remittance Perfection Clerk *Seasonal*
Announcement 20OGD-WIB0704-0503-04
 Attention Fresno Submission Processing IMPACTED Employees-
(Not open to those on Temporary Appointments). It's not too late to apply for the Reskilling Academy. 
Contact Representative & Tax Examiner (Customer Service Reskilling Academy) *12 Month Roster Open & closing dates 08/14/2020 to 06/16/2021
IRS to Seek Documentation of High-Risk Status
Just a few days ago managers started contacting employees currently on weather and safety leave (WSL) who have self-certified as medically high risk under the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines asking for medical documentation to support their self-certifications. Employees who are unable to provide the appropriate documentation, will be required to return to work by Oct. 13. An email was sent from NTEU National on 9/17/2020 which included a copy of a Sample Letter that can be provided to your doctor. If you would like to use that sample, please feel free but if your doctor rather use his or her own, that is completely acceptable. We must add a word of cautionPLEASE DO NOT FALSIFY THESE NOTES (or any medical note). We wish we didn't have to add this word of caution but we do. Falsified notes lead to severe discipline! This can be avoided. 

If you should have any questions, please contact the stewards below. 
 Compliance Day Shift Assistantmicaela.f.cardenas@irs.gov
Compliance Swing Shift Assistantchristina.tabarez@irs.gov
Phone: 459-6697

Accounts Management Day Shift Assistant:  eddie.t.valdez@irs.gov
Accounts Management Swing Shift Assistantstephanie.l.uribe@irs.gov
Phone: 488-7709

Butler Day Shift Assistantmarissa.estrada@irs.gov
Butler Swing Shift Assistantsachiko.a.sato@irs.gov
Phone: 454-6626

FMLA Coordinatorsjillene.m.guzman@irs.gov

Chapter President: jason.sisk@irs.gov  559-454-7249 (swing)
Chapter Vice-President: marcella.m.gutierrez@irs.gov  559-454-7229 (days)

Lastly, if you have been impacted by the fire, please go to the NTEU.org website as information is available on the Disaster Fund.