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Tell Congress to stop attacking you, as a federal employee, and your Union that Protects YOU!
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Just don’t send one letter, there are several letters to send to tell Congress your feelings.  The letter is complete as is and just need you sign it, or you can add your own thoughts to them.

NTEU has launched a national grassroots campaign to ensure that Public Service gets the respect that it deserves. The Administration has proposed freezing federal employee pay in 2019, cutting retirement benefits thereby reducing take-home pay, and has issued three executive orders aimed at dismantling workplace rights at federal agencies. NTEU is asking for your help and involvement today.

Help make sure that your members of Congress agree that PUBLIC SERVICE DESERVES PUBLIC RESPECT, by:

  • Providing a federal employee pay raise in January 2019;

  • Opposing cutting retirement benefits; and

  • Undoing the May 25th Executive Orders that risk federal employees having any union representation.



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CAUTION: Do not distribute on government property or through government email systems.

Grassroots Update: No Shutdown – Keep the Government Open!

Contact Congress and say “No” to a Government Shutdown

It is critical that all NTEU members contact their members of Congress TODAY and NEXT WEEK at both Washington, DC and local district offices.

Ask them to ensure that federal agencies stay open for the public, that employees are paid on time, and that their pay is assured by passing legislation that requires all federal employees to be paid as quickly as possible following a shutdown. 

CALL and WRITE your members of Congress today.

For questions or assistance in contacting your members of Congress, contact Stacy Casimiro, NTEU’s Director of Legislative Grassroots and Operations. As a reminder, while you may discuss this grassroots campaign on government property, please avoid using the government email system to contact your members of Congress. When sending these letters, please do so on your own time and from a personal device.



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Threats to your pay and pension require action. Watch this short video, share with friends and family, and join us tomorrow for a Congressional Call-In Day. With NTEU, you have the power to stand up for federal employees today. REMINDER: While you may discuss this grassroots campaign on government property, please avoid using the government telephone system to directly contact your members of Congress or to ask other members to contact their representatives. https://www.nteu.org/

Posted by National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) on Monday, July 17, 2017


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